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The Couva Government Secondary School's Unofficial Web-page


Welcome to the site. It's been redone for 2003-2004. Alot of the old stuff is gone, and I've been reduced to nothing but a page, but I can work with that.


What's new?

  • Removed the pics page. Sorry people but I get ketch ah could get in trouble fuh that. However, if you have pics you would like displayed send it in with permission and I'll see if i can re-open it, that is depending on if I get enough pics.
  • New message board, go have a look. And please people if yuh doh have nun good tuh say doh post it nuh, them kinda thing go get we in hot shat, gosh darn golly gee.
  • New layout and administrator (incase yuh wondering nuh The Oracle is not the only web guru around)

About the School

It is usually around times like these yuh wish yuh did buy that waste of time school magazine that only full up wid ah hole set of useless information and adverts.

Well hummm... what can one remember about the school... it sucks, seriously folks yuh can't honestly say that that school even in the range of the "it go pass".

But good news, the torment will last but a short time more because, SCHOOL CLOSING, pity is only fuh two weeks.










Kinda fitting where they put the school, right next to the court house.

NAQ (Never Asked Questions)

Q:What posse you to do this a**hole?

A:I am a very surppressed individual who feels the need to lash out at everyone and everything by partaking in unorthodox activities, that harm myself or others, physically or otherwise. Or at least that's what my therapist says?

Q:May I meet you in person to express with my fist what I cannot with words?

A:How bout no.

Q:How may I join your team or contribute to this site? ( I would really love someone to ask this one)

A:Contact me on the message boards, if I decide that you're genuine about your intentions I'll pass on an e-mail address where you can mail your work along with the handle (a.k.a. nick name) that you would like to use.

Q:This site was popular? HA HA HA!

A:Aye ah say it was popular, not well liked!




Current Projects

I was kinda hoping to fing some people who are genuinly interested in the upkeeping of the site and the further development of it, before it was quite "popular", I use that phrase as loosely as possible, with the student body, now lets take it a step further in keeping this tradition of cyber dissing (Flaming) our school, wheather its done with a keyboard or worda it's the same right.

Any kind of computer experience is welcome, graphics artist, web developers, animatiors, anybody.


You are person number 35797 to waste their time here.

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